The April 22nd Memorial Group (A22MG) is dedicated to keeping alive the memory, contributions, and patriotism of their loved ones. A22MG recognizes and embraces ALL Liberians who lost their lives unjustly in the years following both the coup and execution.  A22MG pays homage to those affected by the period of Liberian history from the coup to Liberia's present.

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On April 22 1980, thirteen officials of the Liberian
Government were killed on South Beach in Monrovia.

Their execution followed the military coup d'etat which toppled the government of President William R. Tolbert, Jr. who was assassinated on April 12, 1980. In 2004, in preparation for the 25th Anniversary of the coup and execution, the families of the thirteen slain government officials, President William R. Tolbert, Jr., and other esteemed dedicated officials serving their country honorably who were killed during the 1980 coup; formed the
April 22nd Memorial Group (A22MG).

In 2005, the A22MG held its 25th Anniversary services in Monrovia, Liberia and Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.  During the service in Monrovia, Hon. Charles Gyude Bryant, Chairman of the interim government of Liberia, issued a public statement of apology to the families of the A22MG on behalf of the government and people of Liberia.

"We are people who have come together bound by grief, passion and love for Liberia. We are resolute in our determination to celebrate the legacy of our patriots and fully contribute to the peace and prosperity of Liberia" (A22MG, 2005).

In Honorarium

President William R. Tolbert, Jr. was assassinated on April 12, 1980

The Honorable Cyril A.Bright

The Honorable Joseph J. F. Chesson, Sr.

The Honorable C. Cecil Dennis, Jr.

The Honorable D. Franklin Neal, Sr.

The Honorable P. Clarence Parker III

The Honorable James T. Phillips, Jr.

The Honorable James A. A. Pierre

The Honorable John W.F. Sherman

The Honorable Frank J. Stewart, Sr.

The Honorable Frank E. Tolbert. Sr.

The Honorable E. Reginald Townsend

The Honorable Richard A. Henries, Sr.

The Honorable Charles D. B. King

Other Esteemed

Commander Spurgeon Capehart

Major General Emmett Walter Cooper

Commander Varney E. Dempster

Captain Gabriel Moore

Brigadier General Charles E. Railey, Jr.

The Honorable H. Carey Thomas

The Honorable A. Benedict Tolbert

Lieutenant “Railroad” Vesseley